Pioneer achievements

Leading the way – not just with FSC®
Precious Woods defines and measures the sustainability of its activities based on the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), which was founded in 1993. Independent FSC® auditors assess regularly if Precious Woods fulfils the ecological and social criteria. Precious Woods is convinced that in the long term countries with tropical forest resources will reward those companies who comply with sustainability criteria when it comes to the granting of new concessions and that FSC® certification strengthens the company`s market position. Especially customers in public services and from local authorities are increasingly demanding from tropical timber producers and traders sustainably produced wood.

Precious Woods played a leading role in the introduction of FSC
® certification in Brazil and guided the harvest planning with GPS as well as for road and land use planning in the forest. Furthermore, Precious Woods was also a pioneer in the use of non-timber products from forest resources. This includes the generation of electricity from biomass in Brazil as well as trading of certified emission reductions (CER) since 2006 - an additional income source, which is managed since 2011 by the renowned foundation“myclimate”. Currently, new timber species are being tested and introduced to the market.