Precious Woods is one of the largest providers of FSC®-certified tropical timber products; electricity generated from biomass as well as carbon emission rights, which are based on sustainable forestry.

Focal point: economic, social and ecological added value

Economic objective: Precious Woods generates added value in economical terms through sustainable use of tropical forest resources. The broad range of timber and non-timber products achieves added value which goes beyond traditional forestry and which ensures the long-term development of the group.

Social objective: Precious Woods generates added value socially through building of schools, hospitals and job creation in remote tropical forest areas. In doing so, the company provides an important contribution to economic and social development in remote and disadvantaged regions. Precious Woods actively engages to improve the living conditions of its staff, their families and communities.

Ecological objective: Precious Woods also achieves added value ecologically by consistently managing its forest areas with sustainable practices to preserve these renewable natural resources and their biodiversity also for future generations. With our activities we have a huge impact also on the important carbon sink effect.