Sustainable use

Tropical forests in Africa and South America are under severe pressure from overexploitation. Social and economic injustice, poverty and lack of jobs force countless people to convert intact forests to agricultural land through slash-and-burn practices. The remaining timber is just a by-product of little value.

Another threat to the forest is inappropriate forestry operations. Careless tree felling and extraction as well as the use of too heavy machinery lead in most cases to the destruction of young trees and ground vegetation. In many places, large openings in the canopy from logging result in erosion as the rains wash away the thin layer of soil. Due to the construction of roads waterways are often dammed and the trees left standing in the flooded areas die.

Precious Woods has developed the concept of sustainable forest management in order to utilize and protect endangered forests at the same time. The local population is given an economic incentive to preserve the forest rather than destroy it for want of alternative livelihood opportunities.

Problem slash and burn

Problem erosion

Problem backwash water