Precious Woods harvests logs in the tropical forests of Brazil and Gabon on a total area of 1,100,000 ha. By complying with PEFC and FSC standards Precious Woods ensures sustainable forest management throughout its operations.

Logs are a renewable, healthy natural resource with an excellent carbon balance. The qualitative selection and harvest require a high amount of expertise and experience, which Precious Woods developed over many years in the forestry sector. More than 30 timber species are produced in Brazil and Gabon, respectively, while the true species diversity is much higher in both regions.

As it is illegal to export logs from Brazil and Gabon, Precious Woods is only servicing the local markets in both countries with the raw materials. The logs are mainly used for Precious Woods’ sawn timber and veneer production.

Even if the harvesting and processing of our own tropical timber in Gabon and Brazil is our core business we do also trade European logs and timber from suppliers in France and Belgium. These products are 100% PEFC certified and thus, meet our high legality and sustainability standards. Originating from EU countries, these products do also fully meet the requirements of the European Timber Regulation EUTR. In 2017 trade with European species involved 14 European suppliers and did contribute around 10% to our total revenue.