Sawn Timber

Precious Woods produces several thousand cubic meter high quality sawn timber annually based on sustainable forestry. The company utilizes more than 70 different timber species, which are growing in its own forests in Brazil and Gabon. All products are certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standards.

Precious Woods produces sawn timber especially for individual customer needs and offers timber species for every purpose: for high-end interior fittings; hydraulic engineering; garden products; flooring; doors- and windows industry; as well as infrastructure projects, such as track construction. A speciality is the production of Okoumé sawn timber of which Precious Woods is one of the largest providers.

High production flexibility enables Precious Woods to manufacture many different dimensions of sawn timber. The production capacity is continuously expanded.
Precious Woods classifies the sawn timber according to SATA grading rules and categorizes its products in FAS-quality and AIC-quality.

Product overview