Decking and outdoor flooring

The use of wood in the design of outdoor space provides a very pleasant atmosphere and has become a natural extension of the indoor living space. Decking and garden tiles from sustainably produced hardwood offer endless design possibilities.

Dried high quality sawn timber is used to produce profiled decking as well as the required durable sub-structure.

Precious Woods can offer the suitable timber species for all these products from its own forests in Brazil and Gabon. For example Massaranduba, Cumaru, Louro preto, Mandioqueira, Tali, Bilinga, Padouk or Niové are used for decking. For quick and easy installations Precious Woods produces garden tiles, which are pre-assembled in different sizes.

Even for professional use – such as the construction of bridges, piers or galleries - Precious Woods provides, in accordance with the requirements of builders, architects and planners, flooring systems from sustainably produced hardwood.