Rotary veneer

Precious Woods is one of the leading producers of Okoumé rotary veneer globally. The abundance of FSC® Okoumé logs ensures the availability of this high quality raw material.

The logs selected for veneer production are partitioned according to the specific length or width required for the veneer, steamed and cylindrically cut. The raw log will then be peeled and the produced veneer dried to ca. 6%. In the last step of the process the cut veneers are sorted according to strict quality criteria.

Okoumé veneers are used for the production of high quality door sheets for high end decorative appearances as well as for the production of plywood, that is used for example, in ship building or structural façade systems. Precious Woods’ speciality is the production of up to 8 mm thick rotary veneer used in high-end packaging, such as cigar boxes.

Precious Woods also produces rotary veneer made from the timber species Igaganga, Aielé, Ilomba and Gombé.

Okoumé rotary veneer is one of the core competencies of Precious Woods.