Abiurana Ferro


FSC® Abiurana Ferro is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region in Brazil. The tree commonly attains heights of 40 m, with diameters from 30 to 90 cm.  The stems have a clear bole length of 9-20 m and a quite straight and cylindrical shape. At the bottom, the stem could be grooved.



Heartwood varies in color from pink brown to red brown. It has a fine stripy pattern caused by the lighter parenchyma. The sapwood is easy to distinguish and 2 to 10 cm wide. Be careful: the timber should not be confused with the many other species named Abiurana, which are available in Brazil. The high Silica content is a clear characteristic of Abiurana ferro.


Processing properties

It is difficult to machine Abiurana ferro, due to the high silica content (according to literature 0,3-0,9%), which results in a blunting effect. Sawing is restricted to crosscutting and pointing of round piles. The high Silica content causes a good resistance against marine borers, like the shipworm.



Abiurana Ferro is one of the few species, which is highly resistant against marine borers (Terredo spp.). It is mainly used for groynes, harbours, mooring piles, etc. After 10 years of exposure in the Baltic Sea (Germany), no trace of attack was found, while other species including Oak, Pine and Greenheart were seriously attacked and destroyed.

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