FSC® Castanharana is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The trunks have rather big diameters. It is mainly imported as round wood to be used as piles. The species is closely related to Jarana.



Freshly sawn, the heartwood has a light brown to blood red color. After drying and exposure it darkens to brown red. The color of the sapwood is lighter and easy to distinguish. Castanharana has a medium lustre. The timber has often ’traumatic’ resin canals shown in a pattern of a few mm wide longitudinal lines. The grain is straight, sometimes interlocked. The texture is medium fine.


Processing properties

The Processing properties of the heavy Castanharana are quite difficult. Therefore it is mainly used as round wood for (pointed) piles. There can be a slight blunting effect. Natural drying goes relatively quick, but with a risk of checking



Castanharana is used for piles in sea defense and as utility poles. In addition it is also used for decorative applications.

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