Wood energy for a better climate

An integral part of Precious Woods' approach to sustainable forestry is the use of wood residues (biomass) to produce electricity and the registration and sale of CO2 emission certificates.

A biomass power plant has operated on the site of Precious Woods Amazon since 2002, and Precious Woods has been an owner since 2005. The power plant provides the town of Itacoatiara and its 100 000 inhabitants with climate-friendly electricity and is fully integrated with the sawmill. Sawdust and wood residues are automatically transported by conveyer belts and shredders to the woodchip warehouse. This facility is unique in Northern Brazil and is recognised widely as a role model.

This woodchip power plant replaces 20 diesel generators which would burn about 10-15 million litres of diesel each year. Our plant thus prevents annual emissions of roughly 44 000 tonnes of CO2. The plant also prevents emissions of methane gas amounting to a further 113 000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents each year.

For this performance, the plant receives carbon emission certificates (Certified Emission Reductions, CERs). These CERs are traded through the European Emissions Trading System and help companies and governments to achieve their climate targets.

At the beginning of 2011, Precious Woods gained the Swiss myclimate foundation as a renowned strategic partner for its CER management.

Would you like more information on this project » or would you like to achieve your climate goals with our CERs? Then please contact our partners at myclimate » directly..