provém das florestas que crescem na região amazônica do Brasil



Muiracatiara is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The trees attain diameters till about 60 – 100 cm. The trunk has a straight and cylindrical shape, reaching heights of about 14-18 m. The sapwood is about 4-10 cm wide.



The heartwood has a light orange brown color, with an irregular pattern of black stripes, which makes this timber very decorative. After exposure, Muiracatiara darkens to (dark) red brown. The sapwood can be distinguishes easily. The grain is mainly straight and the texture is fine.


Processing properties

Machining can be done rather easy, even though the density is high. The surface gets very smooth with a greasy touch. The results for gluing and finishing are rather good. Pre-drilling is recommended. Drying goes relatively easy, but must be done with care to avoid checking.



Muiracatiara is often used for its decorative appearance and the typical hardwood properties (durable and hard). 

Interior: e.g. flooring/parquet, furniture and music instruments

Exterior: e.g. boardwalks and constructions

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