provém das florestas que crescem na Bacia do Congo no Gabão



Okoumé is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The large thick trees attain diameters till approximately 200 cm. The log quality in Gabon is very high. The first grade is normally used for veneer and the second grade for sawn wood, which still is an excellent quality for the production of sawn timber.



The heartwood has a light grey pink color, often with a reddish shade. The sapwood is whitish grey and normally easy to distinguish.  The wood has no special smell or taste and the lustre is low. Okoumé originating from Precious Woods Gabon forest has a quite regular grain and limited interlocked grain. The texture is medium coarse.


Processing properties

The machining of Okoumé can be done easily. The timber does not tend to split and has a good stability. Even interlocked grain can be planed smoothly with aid of sharp tools.  The Silica content in the wood can cause a blunting effect on the tools.  Pre-drilling is recommended. Positive experience is available regarding the gluing and finishing.  Drying of Okoumé is rather easy, with hardly any defects.



Okoumé is used for interior applications, like window and door frames, doors and cladding. Furthermore, it could be used for fully protected exterior constructions (e.g. protected window frames and cladding). Well-known is the use of Okoumé veneer for plywood, with a good durability for outside use. In Southern Europe sawn timber is used for outside applications like windows and door frames and cladding.


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