provém das florestas que crescem na região amazônica do Brasil



Tanimbuca is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The trees attain a height of about 40 m and a diameter of 100 cm. Trunks with diameters above 60 cm are often hollow. The trunks are mainly straight and cylindrical.



The heartwood has a beige brown color with a green shade. Sometimes small black stripes or resin canals can be seen. The sapwood is easy to distinguish. The hardwood has some lustre. The grain is straight and sometimes irregular or interlocked. The texture is medium coarse.


Processing properties

Machining can be done rather easily, resulting in a smooth surface. Pre-drilling is recommended. Gluing and finishing are reported to be good. Drying goes slowly and must be done with care to avoid checking and warping. In contact with water, Tanimbuca can bleed a yellowish coloured extractive.



Tanimbuca is mainly used for garden timber like decking and fencing. In the construction sector it can be used for decking constructions.


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