provém das florestas que crescem na região amazônica do Brasil



Piquia is available in the forests of Precious Woods located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The large trees have diameter up to 150-200cm and attain heights up to 45 m. The clear trunks have a length till 21 m. It is also possible to produce larger dimensions in sawn wood.



The heartwood has a whitish yellow to grey brown color with sometimes a little stripy pattern. It shows a coarse structure due to the interlocked grain. The sapwood can not be distinguished easily. Freshly sawn timber has a mild vinegar-like odour, which disappears after drying. Sometimes, the grain is irregular or curved and often interlocked. The texture is medium coarse to coarse.


Processing properties

Machining of Piquia can be done well, but hard metal tools are recommended (because of interlocked grain and a blunting effect on the tools). Pre-drilling is recommended. There is little experience regarding the gluing and finishing. Piquia dries slowly with a tendency to checking and deformation.



Piquia is mainly used in exterior constructions like bridges, jetties, decking, poles and sheet piling.

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