Piquia Marfim

provém das florestas que crescem na região amazônica do Brasil

Piquia Marfim


Piquia marfim is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The trees attain heights up to 20-45 m and diameter up to 90 cm. The clear boles have lengths till 15-25 m.



The color of the heartwood varies from orange brown to light pinkish red. Characteristic is the light and very fine stripe pattern.  The sapwood has a lighter color and can be distinguished from the heartwood.  The taste is more or less bitter. The grain is fairly straight, sometimes with interlocked or irregular grain. The texture is medium fine to fine.


Processing properties

Despite the high density, Piquia marfim is fairly easy to machine, resulting in a smooth surface. Pre-drilling is advised. There is limited experience regarding gluing and finishing. Piquia marfim dries slowly with some risk of checking and higher risk of deformation.



Piquia Marfim can be used for several applications:

Interior: e.g. flooring and parquet

Exterior: e.g. sheet piling and other hydraulic constructions

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