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Communiqués de presse externes (plusieurs langues):

  • Moneycab: Markus Brütsch, CEO und CFO Precious Woods, im Interview: to the report»
  • Valor International: FSC eases management of ‘intact’ forests. Forest Stewardship Council will ease rules for handling of land in the Amazon: to the report »
  • NZZ Format: Tropenholz fürs Klima - Die nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung des Regenwaldes in Gabon: to the report »
  • ProSieben, Galileo Plus: Kampf ums Holz – Informativer Galileo-Beitrag zur Holzwirtschaft – ab Minute 27:49 Bericht über Precious Woods in Brasilien: to the report »
  • Schweizeraktien.net: : Precious Woods – Nachhaltigkeit und operative Risiken prägen das Geschäft: to the report »
  • Nachhaltiges Investment, UTK Media GmbH: Precious Woods - Wälder der Umwelt zuliebe nutzen: to the report »
  • Veja: L'entreprise phare 'souffre' de la mauvaise réputation de l'industrie du bois: to the report »
  • Lienhardt & Partner Privatbank Zürich AG: Négociation hors bourse des actions Precious Woods à partir du 1er juin 2021: to the report »
  • Mongabay: Just half of major timber and pulp suppliers committed to zero deforestation: to the report »
  • L'Union: Minister of Forestry Lee White inaugurates Precious Woods – CEB’s new sawmill: to the report »


  • Association Technique Internationale de Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT): Information and training workshop, Precious Woods Gabon in connection with project P3FAC: to the report »
  • Berner Zeitung: Die nächste Waldbrand Front ist in Afrika (kostenpflichtig): to the report »
  • Valor: Suíça Precious Woods estima avanço de 20% das vendas neste ano (kostenpflichtig): to the report »
  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF): Managing forests, supporting wildlife - Can biodiversity thrive in responsibly logged: to the report (PDF) »


  • Gabon Eco: PAFC - Gabon: Precious Woods CEB, Premier bénéficiaire: to the report »
  • Gabon Review: Gestion durable des forêts, Precious Woods CEB bon élève: to the report »
  • Le Défi Gabon: Gestion durable des forêts, La société CEB sera certifér PAFC Gabon: to the report »
  • Valor: Suíça Precious Woods quer expandir atuação no Brasil (kostenpflichtig): to the report »


  • Finanz und Wirtschaft (FuW): Precious Woods sieht Licht am Tunnelende: to the report »
  • Handelszeitung: Precious Woods drängt zurück aus Parket: to the report »


  • Jeune Afrique: Precious Woods transforme « durablement » l’okoumé du Gabon: to the report »


  • Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR): Social impacts of the Forest Stewardship Council certification - An assessment in the Congo basin: to the report (PDF) »


  • World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF): Guide to Lesser Known Tropical Timber Species: to the report »