2010: Precious Woods receives the environmental award from the Swiss Environmental Foundation (Schweizer Umweltstiftung) end of May. “With Precious Woods a company is being awarded, which provided pioneering work in tropical forestry”as it says in the laudation. The innovative company is committed to sustainability and was able to establish itself as a global leader.
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2007: For its pioneering work in sustainable tropical forestry Precious Woods receives the“ Trophée de l’économie positive”in the category “ Entreprise d’impact”. Initiators of the first ever sustainability award are the consultancy firm BeCitizen, the business school HEC Paris, and the association Reporters d’Espoirs.
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2004: The Rainforest Alliance honours Precious Woods for its achievements. At their 14th annual gala event Precious Woods receives the Corporate Sustainable Standard-Setter Award. Rainforest Alliance explains: “The Precious Woods Group created a significant, described by one expert as ‘tectonic’, change in sustainable forestry – no other initiative changed the views and attitudes in industry and ecological community more about the feasibility of the concept.
2000: The Associação de Proteção Florestal e Ambiental de Colorado d’Oeste – RO (APROFLAC) awards Precious Woods Amazon the Troféu Ecologicó 2000 for the compliance with environmental regulation and the introduction of environmental education programs.
2000: After thorough inspections Greenpeace International, assesses that Precious Woods Amazon is a first class example for an ecological responsible tropical forestry company. Greenpeace highlights that Precious Woods differs from the vast majority of timber companies in the Amazon, whose activities have severe impacts on the ecosystem. The support is also related to the promotion of sustainable timber products.
1998: The Ecological Society of America gives the Precious Woods Group the Corporate Award 1998 for its innovative initiatives in ecology and environmental protection. It is the first time for a forestry company - and a non-American one – to receive an award.
1997: The US Tropical Forest Foundation honours Precious Woods Amazon for its exemplary approach in tropical forestry. Explicitly highlighted are the preserving harvest techniques, the exclusion of large protection zones, the development and implementation of a comprehensive forest management plan and the consideration of a large number of timber species