Our Mission


Our work

Precious Woods is one of the largest companies worldwide in the sustainable, certified management of tropical forests. Precious Woods was founded in 1990 and now employs a total of around 1 500 people in >Brazil, >Gabon and at the headquarters in >Switzerland.

Our business activities focus on the sustainable, certified management of tropical forests at the highest level and the production and sale of certified >semi-finished tropical timber products. We also trade in European timber from sustainable, certified forest management and in >emission certificates from the production of biomass energy.

Benefit to the customer – as the driving force of economic success – is at the centre of all our activities. This economic sustainability in turn is a prerequisite for our socially and environmentally sustainable activities, ensuring the long-term conservation of tropical forests.


Our pioneering role - today and in the future

Precious Woods has always played a leading role in the certification of tropical rainforests and has been a pioneer in the use of modern technology for the precise planning and gentle implementation of forestry work. In order to protect the tree species primarily used today from overuse in the future, we are also a pioneer in the sustainable use and marketing of lesser-known timber species.

Another of our pioneering achievements is the generation of electricity from wood residues in Brazil and the resulting trade in energy and emission certificates.

To do justice to our pioneering role in the future, we are always working with our >partners in science and research on new solutions to manage our forests even more gently yet profitably.