The Challenge: Preserving tropical forests and their biodiversity

Tropical forests make up about half of Earth's entire forest area. They are a refuge for the diversity of species and the green lung of our planet, but also one of the most vulnerable and most endangered ecosystems. At the same time, they supply vital resources for humanity.

Ensuring the conservation and use of these unique forests – that is the challenge. We accept this challenge.



Safeguard supply of resources

We guarantee that our sustainable forest management preserves flora and fauna in their current form, yet ensures a uniform supply of wood.




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Carbon and energy

Reduce CO2 emissions

We guarantee that we will continue to invest in sustainable energy and preserve our forest as a permanent carbon sink.




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be certified

We guarantee that all our wood is FSC or PEFC certified, since this is the only way for us to meet our highest environmental and social demands.




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Social responsibilty

Move forward together

We guarantee that our social engagement and our commitment to basic and continuing education lays the foundation for sustainable development.




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Act sustainably

We guarantee that our decisions will always be based on the three pillars of sustainability, ensuring efficient protection of forests.




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International guidelines

Guarantee the future

We guarantee that our activities follow the international guidelines, since only joint action can bring global success.




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1 100 000 ha

tropical forest under protection

330 000 000 t CO2

permanently stored