Share information

The ordinary share capital on 31 December 2019 stood at CHF 7'052'745 (7'052'745 registered shares at CHF 1.00 each).

The shares of PW Holding have been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange from 18 March 2002 until 9 August 2013. From 12 August 2013, the shares are traded over the OTC ZKB platform.

Share typ:                     Registered share                    Security number:           1 328 336

Nominal value:              CHF 1.00                                ISIN-Nummer:                CH0013283368

Currency:                      CHF                                        Number of shares:          7 052 745


In the year 2019, the last traded price is CHF 8.30 and this corresponds to the tax value.

In the year 2018, the last traded price is CHF 8.00 and this corresponds to the tax value.

In the year 2017, the last traded price is CHF 6.50 and this corresponds to the tax value.

Depending on the canton further deductions can be made from the tax rate.


Since January 2019, we have a new share register:

ShareCommService AG, Europastrasse 29, 8152 Glattbrugg

For address changes or questions, please use the following E-Mail address.


The daily updated share price, latest reports and further information can be found on the ZKB OTC-Plattform », where our share is still tradable. The quality of reporting for shareholders thus remains high.


We welcome enquiries from existing and interested investors and ask you to send them to the contact e-mail Investor.

Shareholder structure

Shareholders holding 3% or more of the capital of Precious Woods Holding Ltd as of 29.02.2020:

  Numbers of shares (% total of shares)
Fleischmann Werner 1'262'083 (17.9%)
Aires International Inv.Inc. 800'000 (11.3%)
Campdem Development SA 650'000 (9.2%)
Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation 455'704 (6.5%)
Basler Insurance 333'053 (4.7%)
von Braun 324'324 (4.6%)
VR / Management PW 299'861 (4.3%)
Vassalli Christian 242'400 (3.4%)
Monsol Ventures AG 241'808 (3.4%)
Lindenberg Capital AG 241'533 (3.4%)