Rotary veneer - a high quality certified natural product

Precious Woods is one of the leading producers of >FSC und PEFC certified rotary veneer. Manufactured from a renewable raw material with an excellent CO2 balance, the production requires extensive experience and profound knowledge of wood as a natural product. For this reason and due to the very high quality requirements, veneer is one of the most valuable wood products.

For our rotary veneer is used exclusively >Okoumé wood, which we harvest ourselves in our forest concession in Gabon according to the strictest PEFC and FSC standards. To manufacture rotary veneer, the highest-quality logs are clamped on a spindle and peeled into thin sheets with a long knife.

Thanks to its unique visual qualities, rotary veneer can be employed in a variety of applications. It is used in furniture construction, upscale interior finishing, and the production of parquet floors or technical products, such as high-quality plywood.