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Diverse and sustainable uses

Precious Woods manages more than 1 100 000 ha of tropical forests in Brazil and Gabon. We are certified according to >PEFC und FSC standards

and thus ensure sustainable use of the forests and their long-term conservation.

Logs are a renewable raw material with an excellent carbon balance. The qualitative selection and harvest of logs requires a high degree of expertise, which Precious Woods has developed through many years of forestry experience.

Part of our commitment to protecting biodiversity is to market not only high-value timber species, but also lesser-known ones. Only in this way can we guarantee long-term sustainability through responsible forest management. We harvest and process more than 60 different wood species, out of an even higher diversity of species in both harvesting regions.

For more information, please see our garden architecture brochure (PDF).

Local processing

Precious Woods does not export logs from Brazil and Gabon. In doing so, we are not only following the law, but also our conviction of creating value and jobs directly at our sites. We sell some of our logs on local markets, but we mainly use them as a raw material for the production of high-quality sawn timber and veneer.

Broad and flexible range of products

High production flexibility enables Precious Woods to manufacture many different dimensions of sawn timber according to the wishes of our customers. We produce sawn timber exclusively on customer order and offer wood species for every kind of end use, including upmarket interior finishing, hydraulic engineering, garden products, flooring, the door and window industry, and infrastructure construction, such as track construction. One of our specialities is the production of sawn timber from over 60 different wood species. Precious Woods is one of the largest suppliers with this wide range.

Precious Woods classifies sawn timber according to SATA grading rules and categorises its products as FAS quality or AIC quality.


In addition to products coming form its own operations, Precious Woods provides solutions to its customers who trust the groups experience and network by sourcing complementary products such as logs, lumber and components. All in line with PW values and principles and 100% FSC or PEFC certified.