Main actions 2017

FSC Forest Certification

In 2017, Precious Woods Amazon completed 20 years of FSC forest certification (C023388). For this reason, the company received the fourth Recertification process, required every 5 years, being the first company to achieve such in Brazil.

During the audit, the 5th Public Meeting of Precious Woods Amazon in Itacoatiara-AM was held, with the purpose of reaffirming the Company's sustainable forestry activities in the region.

The disclosure of the company’s activities had a positive feedback from the public, which confirmed the importance of Sustainable Forest Management and Renewable activities in the State of Amazon.

Certification audit with local residents

5th Public Meeting of Precious Woods in Itacoatiara-AM

Certification audit with local residents

5th Public Meeting of Precious Woods in Itacoatiara-AM

New certification - PEFC system

During the year, Precious Woods Amazon also started and successfully obtained, the PEFC certification process (known as CERFLOR in Brazil), so to say, another forest certification system added and recognized worldwide considering its rigid environmental and social norms requirement from certified companies.

The PEFC audit rendered excellent results, attesting once more that the company is able and capable to receive another certification.

PEFC audit in the forest

PEFC audit closure

Sustainable forest management campaign

The company sought to disseminate to the general public the results of more than 20 years of sustainable forest management in the region.

For this purpose, important visits within the forest managed in 1996 (UPA B) were held. The location has a trail of approximately 600 meters, where visitors (university students, specialists, auditors, etc.) can observe the growth and maintenance of the trees.

This demonstrate Precious Woods Amazon’s commitment and transparency with the positive results in terms of maintenance and recovery, ecological and economic aspects of its managed forest.

Experts members of NGOs (Imaflora, FSC e WWF) in the management area

Experts members of NGOs (Imaflora, FSC e WWF) in the management area

Enviromental protection and monitoring

Inhibitive actions were sought against environmental crimes such as hunting, illegal fishing and deforestation, within the forest management area.

As a consequence, the company identified the need to expand the environmental monitoring program where local residents are participants.

Gates and warning signs were installed specifically designed to limit access.

These actions already rendered positive results, with environmental awareness being the main factor for inhibiting illegal hunters.

Warning signs against illegal hunters

Training of community monitors

Socio-environmental impact diagnostic

The company has carried out several actions to monitor environmental and social impacts within the forest management area.

Through the socioeconomic survey it was possible to obtain and accurately evaluate aspects and impacts in a more precise manner, paving the way to apply preventive and mitigating activities in a more efficient manner.

An example that directly benefited local residents was the cleaning and restoration of access roads to enable and direct the community's agricultural production to the local commerce in the vicinity.

Socio economic survey in the community

Biomass as an income source

The company carried out several actions to value the sustainable use of natural resources.

To this end, the company has focused on the use of biomass from wood production and energy generation (ashes) for various purposes such as, food production in community vegetable gardens and in the manufacture of handicrafts.

In both projects the company provides, other than residues, instructors to train local residents. In this way, the company contemplated another source of income for the communities, as an environmentally correct alternative.

Vegetable gardens in the community

Handicraft in the community

Communication channel and actions in the communities

The company invested on improving the communication channel with local communities, where it became possible to attend several collective demands for the benefit of local residents.

Among others as example were, the purchase of local products from residents, educational campaigns in partnership with local agencies, construction of event and health centers.

Production of mandioc flour in the community

Educational action in the community

Training and educational campaigns

Precious Woods Amazon increased investment on training and educational campaigns for its employees and local residents.

Over the year, the company in partnership with local institutions has carried out several campaigns aimed at health, education, safety at work and professionalization of employees, all with excellent results.

This even proves the fundamental importance of these actions to consolidate the company's social responsibility.

Class formation of employees

Health campaign to the employees

Support to socio cultural events

Sponsorship of several social and cultural events throughout the year were supported by the company such as, popular and religious festivals, sports and socio-educational events, and the construction of community centers, among others. The actions demonstrated the good relationship and commitment with the local communities and society itself, maintaining a conscious position of openness to improve the quality of life, economic development and environmental education.

Popular event sponsored by the company

Popular event sponsored by the company

Sustainable welfare program

The company invested resources and dedicated to the realization of sustainable welfare program, where a public park and playground was constructed for the benefit and welfare of children in the city of Itacoatiara.

This program was a success benefiting the local population and the company seeks the increase these type of community actions in the year 2018.

Opening of square and playground built by the company

Opening of square and playground built by the company