Pau Amarelo


FSC® Pau amarelo is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. This species can only be found in regions which were disturbed by bush fires in the past. The trees have diameters up to 120 cm and attain heights to 40 m , with a straight shape. It is possible to produce larger dimensions in sawn wood.



The heartwood has a bright yellow color, hardly darkening after exposure. It has a nice lustre and a uniform structure. The sapwood is rather difficult to distinguish. The grain is mainly straight, sometimes irregular. The texture is fine. The heartwood could be sensitive for blue stain (surface stain).


Processing properties

Machining of Pau amarelo can be done well, resulting in a smooth surface. Pre-drilling is advised. There is positive experience regarding gluing and finishing. Drying goes quickly with few defects. The sawdust could cause allergic reactions.



Because of the nice appearance, Pau amarelo is used for interior uses like flooring and furniture. It is also used for applications like doors, window frames and cladding. The irregular availability limits the use on large scale.

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