FSC® Longhi is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The tree attains heights up to 45 m and diameters normally between 60 and 90 cm (sometimes 120 cm). The trunks are straight and cylindrical and have buttress root boards.



Freshly sawn Longhi has a greyish white to pinkish brown color, slightly darkening to yellow brown. The 30-40 mm thick sapwood is difficult to distinguish. The timber trade differentiates between the light-colored and the pinkish brown wood (Longhi blanc and Longhi rouge), depending on the grading by the exporter. Freshly sawn, Longhi has an unpleasant smell and the wood is susceptible to damage by blue stain fungi. The wood structure is straight, sometimes a little irregular. The texture is fine to medium coarse.


Processing properties

The machining of Longhi can be done rather easily. Sometimes the wood contains Silica, causing a blunting effect on the tools. In that case, the use of hard metal tools is advised. Pre-drilling is recommended. The gluing and finishing properties are good. It dries rather quickly, with nearly no risks of cracking and deformation.



Longhi is mainly used for interior applications, for example for moldings, furniture and furniture components and crates.

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