Board of Directors

The BoD is responsible for strategy and organizational development, and supervises and controls the operational management. It defines the Group’s business principles, and keeps itself regularly informed about the company’s business performance. The BoD is authorized to make decisions on all matters that are not reserved for the Annual General Meeting or are conferred to another governing body of the company by law, the Articles of Association or other regulations.

Members of the BoD are elected in staggered successions at the Annual General Meeting for a maximum term of three years. The BoD is a self-constituting body.

The committee meetings have been integrated with in the regular BoD meetings, due to the small size of the BoD no separate committee meetings are taking place.

The whole Board of Directors monitors the concordance between budget, finances and organisation, examines the interim statements and the Annual Financial Report as well as the budget and oversees the relations with the external auditors.

It is also the responsibility of the whole BoD to ensure the monitoring of the internal control system (IKS) and risk-management procedures as well as overseeing the processes for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Katharina Lehmann is leading the topics that were previously assigned to the Remuneration & Nomination Committee (RNC) within the Board of Directors.

The whole Board of Directors ensures adequate terms and conditions of engagement for GM and the senior executives of the subsidiaries; it evaluates new members of the BoD and GM, determines remuneration guidelines and oversees corporate governance

Katharina Lehmann
Katharina Lehmann (CV)
(Chairwoman of the BoD)