Group Management

Markus Brütsch
Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer (CEO/CFO)




In July 2014, Markus Brütsch was also elected as CEO of the Precious Woods Group. At the same time, he remains in his position as CFO, which he holds since the beginning of the year. He swiftly got familiar with the Group and engaged with great professionalism and conviction for the development of our fields of business.

Mr Brütsch has gained a lot of experience in leading small and medium sized companies. He contributes with a rich knowledge in the financial area, in M+A and transactions in the capital market. His expertise as well as his operative leading experience are exceptional foundations for the leadership of the Group.

Stéphane Glannaz
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)



Born 1972, French and Swiss citizen(Dual nationality). Stéphane Glannaz is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Precious Woods Holding Ltd. since 1st October 2013. He has successfully adjusted our sales structure and our product mix to market trend and will continue to develop some supports to strength our relation with customer.