Breu Vermelho

orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil

Breu Vermelho


Breu vermelho is available in the forest of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The straight and cylindrical trunk attains an average diameter of about 75 cm. The sapwood is a few cm wide.



The color of the heartwood is light brown to pinkish brown, sometimes with dark brown stripes in the longitudinal (=length) direction. The whitish sapwood is rather easy to distinguish. There is no specific smell, lustre is medium. The grain is straight, sometimes interlocked or irregular. The texture is fine to medium coarse.


Processing properties

The Processing properties of Breu vermelho are good. The presence of Silica in the wood results in a (limited) blunting effect. The end product gets a smooth surface. Gluing and finishing are reported to be fine. Predrilling is recommended. Fresh timber is sensitive for end checking (use overlength). Kiln drying requires craftsmanship and will not lead to many defects normally.



This species can be used for several purposes:

Interior: e.g. moldings, carpentry, window and door frames

Exterior: e.g. cladding, and garden timber (not in ground contact)


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