orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil



Cedrinho is available on regular basis in the forest of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The trees attain diameters about of 80 cm. The sapwood is circa 5 cm wide.



Freshly sawn, the color of the heartwood is lustrous light brown. Frequently with ‘traumatic’ resin veins, sometimes with a white content. The sapwood is whitish and easy to distinguish.   The timber has a medium lustre. The grain is mainly straight with a medium fine texture.


Processing properties

Machining of Cedrinho can be done easily, with a nice, smooth result. Pre-drilling is recommended. The result of gluing and finishing (also with stain-like products) are reported to be good. Drying goes slowly with few risks.



Cedrinho is used for several exterior applications like fencing, cladding and sheds.

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