orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil



Massaranduba is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The large trunk have a straight and cylindrical shape, and attain a maximum diameter of 180 cm, however most of the trunks are much thinner. The trunks contain "balata", which is used as a substitute for rubber in some countries.



The heartwood is flesh-colored to reddish brown. It darkens slightly after exposure to reddish or purple brown. The 3-5 cm wide whitish sapwood is easy to distinguish. The grain is straight (sometimes curved or interlocked) and the texture is fine.


Processing properties

Machining goes quite well, with a smooth result despite the high density. The fine sawdust can cause an allergic reaction.  Pre-drilling is recommended. With gluing and finishing is limited experience but is reported to be good. The GluGreenĀ® Technology could successfully be applied to green sawn timber. Drying goes slowly with a tendency to check and bend. To avoid checking during air drying, the timber needs to be protected from the weather.



This very strong and durable species is used for a wide spread of applications, like hydraulic constructions, bridges, jetties, sheet piling, stables, boardwalks, piles and garden timber.  Massaranduba is a perfect substitute for Bangkirai.

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