orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil



Muirapiranga is available in the forests of Precious Woods located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The trees attain heights of 40 m and diameters of 50 to 100 cm. The trunk is straight and cylindrical. The clear bole attains lengths up to 20 m. Due to the wide zone of sapwood and juvenile wood, the production is limited to small and thin dimensions of lumber.



The heartwood varies from yellowish brown to dark red brown, with sometimes  darker stripes. It has a warm color and special gloss. The yellowish white sapwood can easily be distinguished. The grain is mainly straight and the texture is fine. This timber more or less resembles African Padouk. The sawdust can cause allergic reactions.


Processing properties

Despite the high density and the hardness, Muirapiranga can be machined rather easily, resulting in a smooth surface. Pre-drilling is recommended. There is positive experience regarding the gluing and finishing. Several finishes (like polishing) give the wood surface an exclusively character. Drying goes quickly, but has to be done with care due to the risk of end checking. The woodworking on lumber should be well prepared as it is showing slightly nervous reactions.



This very exclusive and decorative species is used for several interior applications like furniture and flooring. As a result of the high durability, it is also suitable for exterior uses.

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