orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil



Timborana is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The straight and cylindrical trunks get a diameter of about 40 – 100 cm. The sapwood is a few cm wide. The large diameters make it possible to produce also larger dimensions.


The heartwood is yellow brown to reddish brown and is easily to demarcate from the sapwood. Also lighter colored zones can be seen in the heartwood. After exposure, these zones darken to warm brown. The timber has a nice pattern. The grain is mainly straight, sometimes irregular or interlocked and the texture is fine. Grey parts can occur in the timber, but further investigation showed that it has no influence on the durability. The heartwood has a tendency to bleed.

Processing properties

Machining goes well, resulting in a smooth surface. Gluing is reported to be good, also for laminated beams. There is little experience available regarding the finishing. Drying goes rather difficult, with a tendency to checking.


This hard and durable species can be used for structural use, like beams and decking. Furthermore, it is also used for park benches.

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