FSC® and Precious Woods

Sustainable forestry involves different steps, which are defined according to location in a forest management plan. This plan and its implementation are regularly controlled as part of the FSC®-certification process.

In 1997, Precious Woods Amazon became the first company in the Amazon to receive certification based on Forest Stewardship Council
® (FSC®) criteria as part of the Rainforest Alliance Smart-Wood-Program (with collaboration from Imaflora).

Precious Woods Gabon – by name the companies Compagnie Equatoriale des Bois (CEB) and Tropical Gabon Industrie (TGI) – received their FSC
®-certifications in mid-October 2008 and January 2010, respectively. This means that hundred percent of Precious Woods’forestry areas, as well as the plants and facilities, are FSC®-certified.

The subsidiaries Precious Woods Amazon, Precious Woods Gabon and Precious Woods Europe as well as the Precious Woods Holding in Zug (trading office) hold in addition exclusive chain-of-custody certificates. They guarantee that all traded products are sourced from FSC
®-certified forests.

Forest management - and chain-of-custody certificates: 
- Precious Woods Amazon (MIL Madeiras Preciosas LTDA): RA-FM/COC-000019
- Precious Woods Gabon, CEB: BV-FM/COC-840169
- Precious Woods Europe: CU-COC-008517

- Precious Woods Amazon (MIL Madeiras Preciosas LTDA): RA-COC-001466

- Precious Woods Gabon, TGI: BV-COC-109734
- Precious Woods Holding Ltd, Zug, Switzerland: SGSCH-COC-004756

Precious Woods sells FSC®-certified products