Importance of the FSC® logo

The FSC® sets global standards and criteria; and accredits certifiers who assess the compliance of forestry companies according to specific criteria. The FSC® standard is based on ten criteria, which are regionally specified. Beside social and ecological aspects it also addresses illegal logging and requires proof of legally harvested tropical timber. Up until now, most of the illegal timber is processed in Asia and sold to the United States and Japan. But Europe as well has been on the receiving end, which is to change in future: In 2011, the EU Parliament agreed an import stop of illegal tropical timber and derived products as of March 2013 (EU Timber Regulation – EUTR). Importers and traders shall be held accountable to only use and sell legal timber across the whole chain of custody. The United States also enacted a specific law to stop illegal logging: the so-called Lacey Act. Other new labels, which Precious Woods is actively assessing, are the FLEGT Timber Pass (timber legality and tracing), the GFTN (Global Forest & Trade Network of the WWF, and PEFC.

® logo guarantees - based on assessments from independent auditors - that the forests are managed sustainably according to strict environmental, social and economic criteria.
Precious Woods sells FSC®-certified products