As part of our efforts to scientifically prove the sustainable impact of our work, the fauna inventory program started in our 600,000 ha concession in Gabon.

The project is accompanied by a university in Belgium and financially supported by PPECF (Programme de Promotion de l' Exploitation Certifiée des Forèts).


  • Assess the impact of logging on the animal populations in the concession

  • Assessment of the impact of organized hunts on the animal population in the concession

  • Obtain evidence of the presence of species in various typical areas (forest environment, protected areas, etc.) of the concession

The measurements are carried out periodically at different locations of the concession. For this purpose, a total of more than 70 camera traps were set up, which react to movement and deliver good shots with a black flash even at night.


In addition to elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees, other animal movements are also recorded:



Antelopes, panthers and African cats are present as well as pangolins and bush pigs and of course many more.


The animals are detected while walking past a camera trap and the data are then statistically evaluated. The aim is not to collect the absolute number of animals in the concession but to know the occurrence separately according to species in different regions.

The data collection started in mid-2018 and we expect the first reliable evaluations after one year from the start.

We know that we have a large stock of animals in our concession, which has been sustainably managed for 44 years, but we have not had a data base yet. We are convinced that with this evaluation, which is reviewed by independent bodies, we can provide written evidence that sustainable forest management has no negative impact on the fauna.

We will report back on the progress and results in due course.


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