orginates from the forests that grow in the Congo Basin in Gabon



Agba is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The tree attains heights up to 60 m and diameters normally between 70 and 120 cm (sometimes 200 cm). The trunks are straight and cylindrical.



Freshly sawn Agba has a yellow to pinkish brown color. It has a uniform structure without a clear pattern. The 50-100 mm thick sapwood has a lighter colour and is not so easy to distinguish. Freshly sawn and kiln dried Agba has a peppery odour. Sometimes the wood can contain a gum-like resin. The wood structure is straight and interlocked and the texture is fine.


Processing properties

The machining of Agba can be done easily. The gum-like constituent can cause sticking of the sawdust. Pre-drilling is recommended. The gluing and finishing properties are rather good. For the best result, it is sometimes recommended to fill the pores of Agba, before applying a finish. It dries rather quickly, with small risks of cracking and deformation. The drying temperature should not exceed 80 ˚C, otherwise resin could be extracted.



The light coloured Agba is outstanding suitable for use in construction elements, like facades, timber, door and window frames, doors and windows, furniture, parquet and flooring.


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