Angelim Vermelho

orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil

Angelim Vermelho


Angelim vermelho is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon regions of Brazil. The clear bole length of the stems is between 20-30 m. The shape of the trunk is straight and cylindrical, often with buttresses. The diameter of the trunk is up to 150 cm which makes it possible to produce larger dimensions of sawn wood.  Frequently, the trees do have hollow stems.



Fresh sawn Angelim vermelho has a red brown color, slightly darkening after exposure. The darker lines, parallel to the growth rings are characteristic. The sapwood is whitish. Fresh timber has an unpleasant smell, which mainly disappears over time. The grain is often curved and interlocked and the texture is medium coarse.  Sometimes Angelim vermelho is confused with Angelim pedra / Sapupira.  Angelim vermelho has a tendency to bleed (extractives which solve in water during wetting).


Processing properties

Despite the high density and interlocked grain, machining goes well.  The use of hard-metal tools is recommended. Pre-drilling is necessary. There is little experience regarding gluing and finishing.. The GluGreenĀ® Technology could successfully be applied to green sawn timber. The timber dries slowly with some risks of checking and deformation. As a result of the interlocked grain, especially thinner dimensions can lead to more risk of deformation.



Due to the good mechanical and physical properties, the timber is often used in all kind of hydraulic constructions, like bridge constructions, deckings, sheet pilings, jetties, sound barriers, stables and piles.

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