orginates from the forests that grow in the Congo Basin in Gabon



Dabéma is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The tree attains heights up to 45 m and diameters between 70 cm and 120 cm. The trunks are straight and cylindrical and often have large buttress root boards.



Freshly sawn Dabéma has a yellow brown to gold brown color. The 30-50 mm thick sapwood has a greyish white color and is easy to distinguish. Freshly cut Dabéma has an unpleasant ammonia smell, which diminishes during drying and which later disappears. The wood structure is straight to irregular and often interlocked. The interlocked grain causes wide streaking on the radial face. The texture is coarse.


Processing properties

The machining of Dabéma cannot be done easily, because of the interlocked grain and the blunting effect on the tools. Pre-drilling is recommended. The gluing properties are moderate to bad. In addition, the finishing properties are complex and it is advised to fill the pores before applying a coating. Dabéma dries slowly, with risk of deformation (mainly thin dimensions).



Dabéma is used for truck and wagon flooring and for structural applications as a substitute for Oak. It is strongly advised to use only thick dimensions, since small dimensions are not stable. After careful drying, it can be used for quarter sawn flooring elements.


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