orginates from the forests that grow in the Congo Basin in Gabon



Dibétou is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The tree attains heights up to 45 m and diameters normally between 60 and 90 cm (sometimes 120 cm). The trunks are straight and cylindrical and have buttress root boards.  



Freshly sawn Dibétou has a yellowish brown to dark brown color, with a golden shade and sometimes with dark streaks (therefore called Tigerwood). The 30-70 mm thick sapwood is greyish white to light beige and is easy to distinguish. The wood structure is regular, but interlocked. The texture is fine.


Processing properties

Despite the high density machining can be done easily. Sharp tools are needed to reach a smooth result. Pre-drilling is necessary. The gluing experiences for finger jointing in exterior use are good. It dries slowly with risks of cracking and deformation. Smaller dimensions give higher risk of deformation.



Thanks to its walnut appearance, solid Dibétou is used for decorative interior applications, for example for furniture components, moldings and cabinetwork. 


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