orginates from the forests that grow in the Congo Basin in Gabon



Doussié is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Congo Basin of Gabon. The tree attains heights up to 30 m and diameters between 100 and 120 cm. The trunks are straight and cylindrical and often have buttress root boards.



The different species of Afzelia are difficult to distinguish. Depending on the growing conditions, the appearance and the properties can vary. Doussié is seen as the best one of the Afzelia species and has yellow colored constituents in the wood. The heartwood of freshly sawn Doussié has a dark yellow to red brown color, sometimes with darker streaks. The pale yellow sapwood is 30-50 mm thick and easy to distinguish. The wood structure is straight and often interlocked. The texture is medium coarse to coarse.


Processing properties

The machining of Doussié can be done with varying ease, depending on the density and interlocked grain. Pre-drilling is necessary. The gluing and finishing properties are good, but for finishing additional measures are required. It dries slowly, with small risks of cracking and deformation and with a very small shrinkage.



Thanks to its strength, durability and stability, Doussié is used for a wide range of applications, like door and window frames, doors and windows, cladding, exterior furniture, park benches, velodromes and interior uses like furniture, carpentry and flooring, also storage-jars for chemicals.


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