Louro Itauba

orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil

Louro Itauba


Louro Itauba is available in the forest of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The large trees attain a height of about 40 m high and a diameter up to 80 cm. The trunk is straight and cylindrical. Due to the small diameters It is only possible to produce limited dimensions.



The color of the heartwood varies from (gold) yellow/beige to (black) brown, darkening after exposure. Darker spots or parts can be found in the wood.  The sapwood is easy to distinguish.  There is no specific smell or lustre. The grain is straight, and sometimes irregular. The texture is fine.  The wood surface has a greasy touch due to oils and resins in the wood structure.


Processing properties

Louro itauba is easy to machine, with a smooth result. The use of hard metal tools is advised due to the presence of silica. Pre-drilling is recommended. Finishing is reported to be good and there is good experience with the gluing for interieur uses. The GluGreen® Technology could successfully be applied to green sawn timber. The wood dries slowly, thicker than 33 mm is difficult to dry.



Louro itauba is well-known and popular timber for several applications. The low shrinkage and swelling behavior and the stability in use are often reasons for choosing this species. It is used for outside constructions, cladding, sound barriers, posts, decking, children’s playground equipment and park benches.

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