Louro Gamela

orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazon region of Brazil

Louro Gamela


Louro gamela is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The large trees attain diameter up to 120 cm, with a straight and cylindrical shape. It is possible to produce larger dimensions.



The heartwood has a beige color with a yellow to brown shade, hardly darkening after exposure. The yellow white sapwood can be distinguished easily. It has a pleasant (sweet) odour and a moderate to golden lustre. The grain is mainly straight, and now and then wavy and interlocked. The texture is medium fine. Louro Gamela has a greasy touch, due to a wax content, which provides Louro gamela with its excellent properties.   In the Netherlands, Louro gamela is approved for certified joinery (KOMO).


Processing properties

Machining of Louro gamela goes excellent. With sharp tools a smooth surface can be achieved. The sawdust of Louro gamela can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Pre-drilling is recommended self-drilling screws excepted). The results for gluing (also for finger jointing) and finishing are  good and in accordance with the guidelines of KOMO for certified joinery.  Drying of thin dimensions goes quickly, with a risk of collapse. Dimensions above 33 mm require  a lot of craftsmanship, and above 52 mm it is not possible to dry Louro gamela defect free.



This medium heavy and easy to utilise heartwood is used in several exterior applications. E.g.  garden furniture, cladding (substitute for western red cedar), constructions, park benches and boardwalks. It is also used for moldings and window frames and doors. Especially in the garden wood sector, it is a valuable substitute for Bangkirai.

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