orginates from the forests that grow in the Amazons region of Brazil



Acariquara is available in the forests of Precious Woods, located in the Amazon region of Brazil. The tree has an irregular grooved stem and a very decorative appearance. It is not possible to produce sawn timber and therefore it is only used for round piles. The trunk has a small diameter and is straight.



Heartwood has a brown uniform color. The sapwood has a more pale brown color, with darker stripes. The grain is curved and often interlocked or irregular. The texture is fine to medium fine.


Processing properties

The trunk has an irregular grooved shape, what makes it impossible to produce sawn wood Furthermore, the Silica content causes a blunting effect on the tools. Therefore, the timber is only used as round wood piles. If desired, the piles can be pointed. Special care is required to connect other building elements to the Acariquara piles.  



In South-America Acariquara is often used for piles in all kind of constructions, like pergolas, fences and utility poles. Furthermore, it is used in large quantities for sea defence on the Baltic sea in Germany, because it is one of the few species that is highly resistant against marine borers. In the Netherlands, it is used for the same applications (see picture). Acariquara is also liked for decorative uses, for instance in zoo's, bridge constructions etc.

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